Edge Effect has your SOGIESC training needs covered

Within workplaces, in-country projects, shops, or any other operational context, your staff, volunteers and partners are already engaging with or affecting the lives of people of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, and sexual characteristics. Do they have the training and resources they need? We offer standard and customised training in Australia and around the Asia-Pacific. Contact Edge Effect for pricing and options.

Off The Rack

Edge Effect offers sexual orientation, gender identity/expression and sexual characteristics (SOGIESC) awareness training designed for staff  within humanitarian and development organisations. The standard course runs for one-day and is available on-site at your organisation.


Edge Effect can work with you to design training courses for HR staff, managers, customer/client facing staff, staff of partner organisations, volunteers and participants in organisational activities. SOGIESC training can also be tailored for specific thematic areas and projects, for example engagement with refugees, IDPs and asylum seekers.

Asia-Pacific and Beyond

Edge Effect staff and consultants have diverse backgrounds and extensive experience working across Asia, the Pacific and further afield. We can tailor training courses to specific country and cultural contexts, for delivery in-country to staff and partner organisations, or as part of pre-deployment training.