Research calibrated to the needs of development and humanitarian actors, and the communities they engage with.

Edge Effect staff and affiliated researchers bring substantial experience in participatory, action-oriented, and policy research on issues of diverse sex, sexual orientation and gender identity. Amongst our researchers there is extensive development and humanitarian sector experience, along with specific thematic or country expertise.

Many humanitarian and development organisations lack detailed awareness of SOGIESC issues, community strengths, their challenges, and the opportunities for engagement. The contours of sexual orientation and gender identities vary considerably between and within countries, and humanitarian and development organisations need to be aware of local political histories, cultural and religious contexts, and local organisational strengths amongst other factors. Building this awareness is essential for avoiding unintended consequences for vulnerable communities and to maximise the effectiveness of engagements.

Edge Effect adopts the maxim of nothing for communities without active involvement of communities, and so we favour participatory research methods wherever possible. We also favour action-oriented research that leading to demonstrable policy or projects that will improve the lives of people.

Country & Locale

Focusing on the local contours of sexual orientation and gender identities, the range of formal and informal local actors, identification of key issues for local community members, and factors within the historical, political, social-economic and cultural landscapes relevant for strategy and tactics that maximise participation and impact and minimise risk of harm.

Thematic & Sectoral

Research in key areas of humanitarian and development activity, to help develop framework and initiatives. Including humanitarian (especially protection and WASH), human rights, gender and women-focused projects (especially economic empowerment, ending violence), youth, media and ICT4D, social and emotional wellbeing, and community health.

Join as an Affiliated Researcher

If you have research expertise in diverse sex, sexual orientation or gender identity, demonstrated experience within the development and humanitarian sector (or clear interest in the sector), and/or in-country experience in the Asia or Pacific regions, we’d be happy hear from you. Please email a brief outline of your research interests and CV or sample of work, and we’ll get right back to you.